It was one long ‘vine’ with a few leaves here and there. Hi, I thought the point of air-layering was so that it could grow roots while on the main plant, and then you would clip it off once the cutting had roots? By February, you should be able to replant, just be sure the cutting is in a warm place with lots of humidity (you may need humidifier as winter is drying). After researching online, i found out that the roots might be rotting and checked for it. Where will the roots come from? To propagate a Monstera, keep in mind the following steps: Get a stem cutting with a few leaves and nodes or aerial roots. Hi Samantha, all hope may not be lost! Thank you so much for the blog !! Hi Alison! . , I recently stumbled upon a variegated monstera plant, I was able to get a good chunk of the matured root base but unfortunately the leaf that was attached snapped off!!! Hey thanks for the post – what happens to the mother plant and the stump that is left, does it regrow? What type of stake do you recommend? I’d wait 6 months or so until more stems appear. Watering depends on lighting and current season, so I would keep him in bright light and start watering once a week but check the soil every day. Did Monty find his way to grow new leaves where you cut him? Hi, Thanks for this article. I’ve been reading that I should stake it but I would prefer to just keep it bushy rather than grow taller. I don’t have any from my process but this is a super great guide: Congrats on your find. Hi Max, It will still be fine. Hey! In order to get a full looking plant, should I plant 2 or three separate cuttings in one pot (after rooted in water for a few months,) or should I rather limit the planting to one cutting per pot? Hi Mary Ann! My Monstera is very happy – 5 feet tall, huge leaves with 20 cuts, a new leaf every month lately – but only a single stem. Hope that helps! The lava rock may be a bit much in my opinion, so I would suggest reporting in something like a plain indoor plant mix (you can add the extras I do too if you like). And who doesn’t love the thought of having little Monsteras around. I would leave as much of the leaves as you can, but once they turn brown they should be cut off. I have a monstera growing vertically with single thick stem. Can I have a cutting, too? So my monsterra is very happily growing – a little too happily! Hi Jessi! Some aerial roots are helpful but not essential. It’s indoor and I have one of those purple grow lights on it to supplement the nirthern facing window light. I have a question about the Monstera that I can’t find anywhere on the internet. Each has several air roots. Roots not attached to stem or leaves. it’ll grow. It looks like you used a post to keep the plant upright? Thank you. Is it possible to plant a stem and node directly into soil, or is it better to start in water? Hi! Thanks so much for this post! I did not take any of the stem where the leaves were branching off, however I did take an aerial root and a node. Hope that helps! I have propagated pothos, snake plant and succulents before but I have never heard of air layering could you explain a little more of what the steps are and why it’s done? For Monstera deliciosa enthusiasts, one of the best parts of growing this plant indoors is its ability to grow into a sizable cornerstone for a jungle-like interior. Can you use a non glass, opaque container to regrow a cutting? Yes, I would try the water method. Good luck! I talk a bit about why I keep Monsteras in my home with cats. Also, since Monty was a very healthy plant, pruning actually encourages growth! I cut all the mushy roots , brushed it with soap and water, then hydrogen peroxide, put it back in filtered water. Taking a plant with very moist soil on the roots wrapped in plastic will survive or a cutting with damp paper towels over the node will work too. Hi thanks for the post. Thank you for your very informative article! Well, today I am going to teach you how to propagate your Monstera Deliciosa in just 5 easy steps! Be sure the cutting is in a warm place in bright indirect light. However, if they are mushy or smell bad, that means the plant is dying. Roots are still growing though. If you have cat who does like eating plants, I would stick with pet-safe plants only. Feel free to use photo but please credit it back to, stated somewhere visible. I have a plant where there is only two places where new leaves grow so I’m afraid that then I propagate it will now only have one place where new leaves will grow. It came with a leaf node and an aerial root. They're not the type of roots that damage walls or surfaces. You can always try a rig with twist ties, get a taller jar (like I did) or lean the plant on the jar lip to keep it centered. As an animal-lover and plant hoarder, I created Leaf & Paw to provide information, inspiration, and thoughts about my two favorite things. Hi! Thank you for your observations! Thank you for this wonderful post!! Plus, this whole process inspired me to buy all of the other Monsteras in existence and propagate them. Is it possible to circle the area where its ok to cut so there is no confusion? I have succeed in propagating my monstera last year. That’s amazing! I would definitely wait until you have a large-ish plant before you start propagating. I’ve found 3 neglected monsteras in my garden. Also be sure the vase doesn’t have too much water – it should just cover the node. Seed from a Monstera is quite easy to get, but it doesn’t have a long shelf life: the sooner you plant it, the better. Either way, the key is to keep the node or roots moist during the trip. Thank you! We have coldish (0 F), dry winters and dryish summers, and it can get really hot in the sun. If they’re green with browning on the edges, that’s ok. Hi I was wondering what exactly air layering is? I know they grow much more rapidly outside and you can definitely try propagating. Will the cutting root if I snip off a bit of the aerial root to fit it in a glass jar? It doesn’t technically, Bobbie, I would just cut any leaves off as close to the base of that stem as possible, if that makes sense. As far as the root rot, it’s tricky. It has aerial roots that can grow up to 20 meters. It has many many roots now! If the roots get moldy or start to disintegrate, I’d say get rid of them after that. Just a stem with a leaf will sit in a glass jar just fine (like cut flowers) but it will not grow roots and will eventually turn yellow and sadly pass (like cut flowers). Please assist. Monstera deliciosa propagation can be done by seeds, germinating within a few weeks. Thanks for the post! You mentioned it that winter time will probably don’t works but here in Italy we are in south we have nice weather always sunny just nice not so cold.. I went on a 10 day vacation and came home to find that my monstera had grown a lot and sprouted several new leaves. Does you cat try to eat your monstera? With these tiny strings of roots that are now left after everything else has died off. Wow, I love your blog! I am so excited to propagate mine and have been carefully monitoring the growth of the senior and junior plants of a friend who propagated hers. I’m wondering if I’ll be able to propagate a leaf that came off while I was repotting my monstera today? I’ve tried a moss pole but it didn’t work as the stems were too far away from it. You can definitely pot now, but it never hurts to keep him in water until a longer root forms, I think Monty Jr.’s were about 4″ long when I planted. See above for the full roots that formed – cool right? I have two and my friend kept two. Did I ruin it!? Hi Ana, a new leaf should grow out of it, despite the tip being brown. My first question: I recently repotted some rooted Monstera plants, but decided to put them in separate pots. I would still let the plant sit in water another month or so, and you want to be sure it’s not near any drafty windows or cold temperatures, which may actually be the cause of the leaves coloring. It will! I took 3-5 foot plant from my club house pool. is there any hope? Opacity makes no difference, it’s just easier to see the roots when it’s clear. How frequently should I be watering after it gets moved to the pot? Hi! After taking this cutting this from the main plant, I washed it under filtered water. You can propagate a Monstera by water or by soil. Thank you so much! Plus I use them for all of my other large plants too. Hello, If it has many roots that’s a sure sign! My biggest (30+ year) plant that I received as a gift only has lava rock in it, but I’m somehow unsure if that would be too much for the newly rooted plants…. Thanks for a great article. You do research on the internet on “propagating Monstera without node” for plants such as the Monstera deliciosa or Monstera adansonii.. You find many articles and conversations about how it is done and read about nodes. As far as getting them to root, the stems won’t be enough – they’ll need a node which turns into the roots. Nothing is growing off of anything else, but I’ve been getting new leaves like crazy this summer! You may have an issue, but it’s hard to tell without a photo (feel free to send one to Facebook). Hi! I want to cut that stem short and replant the monstera but am scared of killing it. He is now growing lopsided and is looking very bushy. From your description it sounds like it will be fine to propagate. I don’t want to ruin the little beauty! Do you think I used a pot that is too big? Use a soil that holds moisture but drains really well. Use firm tip growth with at least two leaves around 10–12cm long Place them in a 130mm pot with seed and cutting mix, or 50:50 peat and coarse propagating sand or perlite. Hi, After reading your post on Wednesday I decided I was smart enough to take a cutting from a monstera in my office. Hi Anastasia, I used one of my good ol’ standby pots that’s plastic and sturdy, perfect for starting-out saplings. Hi! Looks like large scorch marks on leaves. I’m a little nervous about it though. Hi! There are a lot of aerial roots and 4 big leaves on the top. They also like high humidity. In couple months, you’ll notice large roots have begin to grow on the plant in the moss package. Hi Alexandra, how many leaves are on the cutting? If I propagate my plant do I trim the long nodes then cut to propagate? If I move it to soil how wet do i keep it and is a West or East window (1 ft from the window) best? I am new to monsteras, and this definitely has me worried. Then water, and repeat this process for a few weeks until you get the hang of its watering schedule. hello.. l want to know why my leaf of Monstera hasnt any cutting shape ?how can l care my Monstera be like your one ..thanks. Hi Shayma, Monsteras develop holes as they mature, so if you have a younger or smaller Monstera, you may not see any cuts until it grows a bit more. Some cuttings, for some reason, take forever. Cutting, shaping, any kind of trimming plants in any fashion is terrifying. As long as it’s warm you have perfect conditions. These natural climbers can be tied and trained to grow up these poles and will be supported as they grow. The tree’s growing out of the driveway, and it doesn’t get a lot of water *and* is in a generally unloved area, so I’d love to propagate it! I have 2 roots that are outside the plant about 1 1/2” long what should I do with them? Do look for any blackening on the stem and definitely check for bugs if the mother plant had any infestation. You can cut off the brown leaf if you haven’t already. Should I cut it off or will a new leaf ever grow back? Just make sure to pick a nice healthy chunk. Hi Lynn! If not buy it from a store. Put it straight into dirt with an air root and water the thing. Your email address will not be published. Hi Adelaide! As long as there is some kind of root/node and a petiole/leaf, you should be ok. Hi Jo – there’s only one type of Monstera and they can be grown indoors or out. Is it overwatered? It isn’t dying but it isn’t getting roots either. Now the stem is shrinking, but the roots are still healthy looking and the aerial root that is attached to the stem is still solid, not mushy at all. Hi Kossondra, Depending on where you live, you can purchase a Monstera online (Amazon had them here) and have it shipped to you. I don’t have a transparent jar large enough. Can i cut thst leaf snd just have the roots with a base stump? As far as planting, I potted him in clean moist soil (see the shop page for the soil I like to use) and I used whatever I could to keep him upright – like a stick and twist ties. Seeds can be started much like any other plant, gently covering them with a thin layer of soil. Look no further than this helpful guide from Leaf and Paw. . Hi! My monstera is in a 9″ square pot and has 4 growing stems, all wanting to branch out horizontally. Thank you for asking and sharing! Hi Barbara! Does the soil have drainage? Plant in a peaty, well-draining soil in a pot with drainage holes. And it looks beautiful where it is in the vase. We just acquired a set of corten steel monstera leaves as a garden sculpture. Hi. Hello to Monty’s Mum! How to Plant Monstera Deliciosa. And i noticed there a few tiny worm crawling in the soil. Yes, that’s exactly what happens. Also check for bugs on the leaves and stems. Hi! Thanks so much for your informative post! Otherwise you should be fine cutting it, as long as you take a piece/stem that has a few nodes as well. Hi Kait! Hi Cam, you can but eventually it will be happier in soil and the roots will get out of control in water. When I got back, the root is much longer, plus another root has formed, plus a million of the tiny white roots are coming off the original root, PLUS a new leaf is unfurling. Propagating may give you a bushier look but it’s totally depending of the monstera you have, but generally propagating almost ways helps force new growth. I’ve managed to propagate a menstera and it’s doing well but there is only one leaf and it just grows bigger and badder but with no new leaves. Is there any chance you can dig up the root? This is wonderful and gave me the courage to take on a variegated cutting which I was terrified I would kill. However the most popular method of propagating M. deliciosa is air-layering, for which you'll need sharp and clean pruning shears, floral or sphagnum moss, a plastic bag, and twist ties. I wish I could attach a picture. I’m happy to send you some suggestions! Hi, I’ve just repotted my Monstera that was quite a young plant that was originally a cutting, but I accidentally broke off trunk only leaving a small trunk stub and roots no leaves, do you think it will recover? It’s really struggling and only had 3 leaves despite being 2 years old and I’ve place the broken off leave stem in water, but there is no node. I’m in desperate need of help. Hi Cayce, Young monsteras are very susceptible to overwatering, so be sure you aren’t watering too often, that’s usually what causes leaves to yellow. Feel free to send a photo to L&P’s facebook page for more help! Thanks for your post, I am trying to learn about how to help my monstera fill out. The steps to propagate Monstera deliciosa are pretty simple. To propagate Monstera deliciosa in water, locate an area on the stem that has a few leaves (try for two or three), a few nodes, and, if possible, an aerial root. Mine is brown too, I’m a bit worry. The less leaves on a cutting, the slower they form new ones. As long as he is not getting harsh sunlight, he will be fine. It’ll grow just fine. You can propagate your cutting in water or soil. Thank you!! There are already about 5-6 small roots shooting out and they are already over an inch long. Read more…. I change the water every 5 or so days and it is spring time in Australia so I thought it might have grown a root by now! It is sooooo beautiful and I don’t want it to die. Hi Catherine! Hi Yin – the branch actually just hardens over – but I do have several new smaller leaves from it, though. , Hi!! Hi Jerry, you definitely could as long as you had enough room. My friend has a monstera, and when I asked for a cutting he gave me a piece of the root! Easily doubling in size, his leaves began to sprout every which way. I’m looking to grow my monstrera rather wide than tall. Do you know if a monstera cutting can remain in water and just live in a vase? I hope that makes sense – let me know if you need more clarification. There a few key steps to follow for propagating Monstera deliciosa: To successfully grow a cutting taken from the plant you need to ensure you include part of the stem. I bought a medium sized Monstera, with one main stem and several leaves coming off it. You or she can send a photo to my Instagram and I’d be happy to take a look! Hi Candy – you’ll need a little black node on the stem, that’s where the roots grow from. In conclusion, Monstera deliciosa should be able to grow at least 1-2 feet per year provided that is has the necessary means to grow. I’ve been thinking about propagating my monstera but I wonder – what will happen to the mother-plant? I hope that helps and feel free to send a photo to L&P’s facebook – that might help me get a better idea too. I may be confused by your question – so feel free to shoot me a DM on Instagram with a pic – and I should be able to help better. Be sure they’re in bright sun and in a warm location. There should always be baby node, but yes you can cut a stem with one of the roots. As an indoor plant they don’t really do much but I don’t like to cut them off. Hi! I had to do something. Lisa. He cut it at the base where two stems were growing but there is no node. It will continue to grow and might look funny for a while, but it will fill out eventually. My house is very hot as well. Propagating Mona my Monstera for the first time using your technique. But Monty was dominating my living room and I realized I had to do something. Monsteras do like a decent amount of sun, but not drafts. Hi! But ever since she chewed on that one leaf, I never have to worry about her when she naps behind my plants or hits one with her paw to watch it move, because although my cat likes to bite absolutely everything, she has never tried to bite one of my plants again. Leca helps to provide the moisture and the oxygen, so the roots stay healthy. So happy it helped you out. When I did propagating in the past, sometimes the cutting ends up moldy or shrivels – resulting in so many bad emotions. I gathered some tools and started by chopping off one giant stem and chose the rooting method. Both mini Montys are happier than ever. Once I moved it in the home I think beginning of summer it was big enough for a Large planter. I hope you check back often for lots of helpful hints. And how is Monty the Monstera doing? Hi Diana! Honesty, after pruning, it was the best thing I could do. Any way to get the leaves bigger? I’ve looked for this for awhile thank you Janette. There are a couple ways you can propagate a Monstera deliciosa, also called a Swiss Cheese Plant. Is this a problem or will it survive on its own? . Thanks again. To answer your questions: 1) Monsteras are topical and will die below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, so I recommend putting outdoors in spring/summer/fall and bringing in during winter only. It’s not however, common for an older leaf to yellow as a new one grows, so you may have an overwatering issue. Typically you want a cutting to sit in water for a few months, so if it’s been that long and the roots look healthy, go for it! bit dark room… Does it need to put in a full indirect light room to grow root? I can’t tell without pictures, but I’m thinking you have some kind of rot going on. Could you tell me about this if you know. It looks kind of like kind of like a plant pimple, and is located at a petiole intersection. Keep in mind, I performed this surgery in mid-summer, so promptly placing Monty Jr in my humid, sunny, screened porch was I-D-E-A-L. And honestly, I would not attempt this in winter anyway, since plants become somewhat dormant and hibernate-y. Hi Darci, Thanks! Hi Esther! Hi Michelle! Thanks for any advice! however, after doing so, the condition of the leaf did not improve and it actually only worsened. Hi Laurie! Take a stem cutting. Don’t lose hope yet – you might actually be fine. Also, you can try asking those local nurseries if there is a way to order one for you, usually they buy bulk plants from a larger tropics company who will sell them. Hope that helps and thanks for reading! I’d happily trade for a cutting or a propagated baby if/when we get to that point! Hi Bridget, Keep waiting. If you have plant munchers, keep monsteras out of reach. Good luck! Also be sure the cutting is in a warm location – that’s key. Sorry for the late response. Hey there! Hi Jim! I’m just trying to learn ahead. I know some people also plant a couple smaller monsteras in one pot to give an illusion of a larger plant. I recommend getting a moisture meter so you don’t overwater, which can kill a young plant. Hi just wondering what happened to the branch on the mother plant? Hi Leaf and Paw! I was told and have read that monstera are poisonous for cats. So, you’ll most likely need another cutting if you only have the green stem. They prefer cooler temps. Water when the top quarter-to-third of the soil feels dry to the touch. It’s winter so I wasn’t sure if it was a good time to pot. Good luck! My Monstera deliciosa went vertical and not horizontal. As they mature I found they grow much quicker. I felt it was sitting to high. Hello Monty’s mom. I put it in damp sphagnum moss in a ziplock bag. . My cat chewed on a leaf of my monstera once.. and she hasn’t chewed on another plant in th house since.. and I am an avid aroid lover and am always on the hunt for plants to add to my collection, so I have aroids absolutely everywhere in my apartment. Or did it just dry up? Do you know what it means and what i can do to save the plant? and already has a long established aerial root, rooted into the ground. Good luck! Air layering is another method for propagating Monstera deliciosa. Also, since it os growing vertically, I do not see the nods like the one your Monty has. Thank you. I’ll def give it a go now. Hi, Does the plant only have one leaf? The node is the spot where your Monstera will start to root. Those asking about moss poles vs plain wood/plastic stakes – yes, moss poles actually do make a significant difference! The only way (I believe) they’ll get bushier is with more stems, and more stems are produced by ideal conditions such as bright light and high humidity, and rotating them weekly – that encourages even growth all round. In case you’re using tap water, let it sit overnight to eliminate the chlorine. Ps, there is what looks to be the beginning of a new leaf, do you think this will continue to mature since it was uprooted? Monty is very much growing horizontally and staking actually does encourage vertical growth, but pruning the awkward stems did help shape him a bit better last year. Can you give some more instructions about potting? For those asking about toxicity with pets – aroids are much less toxic than many websites have led people to believe.. the calcium occalate crystals in monstera and other aroids can indeed cause discomfort in the mouth of animals/humans and could possibly make them throw up if they ate/digested a significant amount but they would have to actually consume almost an entire plant, not just chew on it, for it to cause any serious problems.. and like I said before, the crystals cause discomfort in the mouth and do not taste good, so your pet would have to be massochistic to continue munching on a plant that wasn’t tastey and made their mouth hurt. I have never propagated because I get confused by what parts are what and what they’re supposed to look like.. thanks! How do you know what size pot to use? Would that work.? Thank you. I thought it had something to do with too much / too little sunlight, but I can’t find anything about it. If it’s the water, I would suggest using rainwater and you should see an improvement. Definitely the most reassuring and easiest to follow. Unfortunately, my new puppy found a liking to the plant and decided to eat the three youngest leaves off the plant. To my HORROR, one of the aerial roots snapped off while I was putting one into the jar. They all seem very old with big beaches and stems (some branches are brown and woody-ish). Two branches have what look like nearly a DOZEN aerial roots, and another has one giant aerial root, but it’s partly embedded in the tree, and I’m worried I’ll kill it if I slice into it. I kept my new cuttings (both in the water vase and after I planted them in soil a few months later) in a warm bright location which definitely helps with roots growth and development. Hi Terry, 40 years old? Two to three leaves are fine, but remove any additional. I have had one of these guys in my garden outside for over 2 years now it’s under the pagola and has shadcloth also but it starting growing sideways from the beginning and has never really taken off. I can add that yes! Should I water it a lot? If so, let it dry out and make note of how many days pass until it’s dry. I would then rinse the roots well under water and inspect them for damage. Swiss cheese plants don’t mature enough to produce seeds until they are a year or older. 2. This article is so helpful! You may have to get another cutting, this time with a little node or chunk or root which will then continue to grow. The rarer varieties (such as the variegated deliciosa) are still expensive and hard to come by. It has tons below on the stalk part. Maybe I should just replant and be done with it. Hi!! If I’m picturing how your cutting looks (feel free to post a pic) a node should pop up and develop. How do I know where to cut off the leaf if I cannot see many arial roots? The leaves of the plants are large, leathery, glossy, heart-shaped, and 25 to 90 cm long by 25 to 75 cm broad. A gentle pinch of the roots will tell you though – roots will squish immediately. The upper and lower part of the node is also looking soft and brownish. Thanks for reading and congrats! . Cold water will shock the plant, and hot water will cook it. I have them in potting soil in bright filtered light on my patio. After repotting, he only became happier and unfurled another four leaves in a few weeks. Thank you. In dividing up my monstera, I ended up with some roots. Therefore, they must be used as soon as possible. I’m wondering if my plant will start to shoot new leaves from the stem, or will a new leave grow from one of the older leaves? But really, no plant should be. Any tips to prevent this from happening? New roots will be white. Monstera Deliciosa tends to produce one main root per leaf, so the new leaf node will get a large root structure developed very quickly. I let it sit in water for a few days before transferring it into a well drained pot with soil. The new roots are about 1.5 inches long now and I feel like it’s time to put into a pot. Thank you. Sure you can send me a photo on IG or facebook, but the aerial roots or nodes will look like little nubs. There is 1 plant that has 2 big leaves growing from the same point (stem?) You can definitely save your plant, just keep it in medium sun to recover, away from drafts. In most of the pictures I see of Monsteras the plant looks to be growing up as more of a bushy plant, vs this one that has one long stem with leaves coming off of it in many spots. Tie a piece of string around it to secure it in place, then enclose this in a clear plastic bag with air vents and tie it off at the top. The spot where you eventually do the cutting ends up producing and off-shoot stem, which then grow leaves. Will it eventually bring new leaves where you cut it? My another cutting Monstera I put in water last month was died after a week and I do not know why even he had an air root, I put in a little Your advice is much appreciated. But they do sound healthy and almost ready to pot, you should have nice healthy plants! They’d been outdoors and neglected (in a bad way) and trimmed without care etc. Hi! I have had two cuttings in water for about two months now (had to perform drastic surgery because of insect infestation) and for a long time nothing happened. It depends. Feel free to post photos of your Monstera (either here or on leafandpaw’s Facebook page) and I’d be happy to give you more help! Any tips or do I just keep waiting? Yes, of course I was a proud plant mom. I once took a cutting from my mature plant which rooted in a matter of days and another from a younger plant that took months. I have about 4-5 stakes to keep him somewhat vertical and plan on pruning the unwieldy stems come spring. Now, I did my research on the best way to propagate, mind you, but I was still terrified. How to … Good luck! In about a month or so, I started to see good things happen. Hello!! What a great article and forum with so many tips. Hi Sarah, This can happen if the cutting was from an older monstera or if the water it’s in is heavily chlorinated. I kept on searching the net for no nodes but to no avail pls help. Good luck! Depends on the size of the cutting and the roots, but you want a pot that won’t squish the roots when it’s planted. I hope that helps! Hi! Hello Below is a new node developing on Monty Jr – it doesn’t take long!