at Join / Sign Up Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. May 07, 2017. Why Did the Millennium Bridge Wobble? After a shaky start, the Millennium Bridge is undergoing major surgery. The Millennium Bridge. Using the results of their quantitative research the engineers designed a system of 37 shock absorbers called 'viscous dampers' and 54 weights attached to the bridge by springs to dampen the vertical motion. It's one of the most striking of the Thames bridges, and definitely one of our favourites. The bridge's tendency to sway by up to 75 mm in each direction, has been reduced to a few millimetres by fitting dampers at a cost of £5m. Print E-Mail. In the first series, topics included: 'Can you walk on the ceiling?' Dec 17, 2008. Nov 09, 2020. On June 10, 2000, the 320m-long Thames crossing pedestrians-only bridge, the Millennium Bridge, was thrown open to the public. A new study finally explains the Millennium Bridge 'wobble' by looking at how humans stay balanced while walking. Then it began to sway, just slightly. The Millennium Bridge, a 320-meter-long lateral suspension bridge connecting London's financial district to Bankside, south of the river, opened June 10, 2000. However, this is not supported by measurements of the phenomenon on other bridges. Why do some bridges wobble? A new study finally explains the Millennium Bridge 'wobble' by looking at how humans stay balanced while walking. The solution to stop the wobble of the London Millennium Bridge was to install shock absorbers, rather like a car. Katharine Sanderson The London Millennium Bridge's wobble … Oct 12, 2017. We try our best to only post press releases that are associated with peer reviewed scientific literature. Views: 4702. Why did the London Millennium Bridge 'wobble'? Please comment below. Download film (right-click) Categories: Award Nominees, Engineering, Explanation, Investigation, Secondary. This press release was posted to serve as a topic for discussion. Impressions from video clips of the Millennium bridge are that a good deal more than 20% of walkers had synchronised their step. Explaining Why the Millennium Bridge Wobbled. Duration: 02:42 Team: The Clown Fish Region: London. 14 Mar, 2008. Critical discussions of the research are appreciated. Sep 18, 2017. Testing bridges for safety after major hurricanes like Irma. Part of why Srinivasan is so fascinated with the Millennium Bridge debut is that people somehow spontaneously fell into a cadence that created a such a sway, which caused more people to fall into the same cadence, which made the bridge sway more. Why did the London Millennium Bridge 'wobble'? Thanks to University of Bristol for this article. Developed with sculptor Anthony Caro and engineers Arup, the commission resulted from an international competition. A new study finally explains the Millennium Bridge 'wobble' by concluding that humans did not walk the way engineers would have preferred. Arup announced this week that it had had corrected the fault to the Millennium Bridge, but warned that other pedestrian bridges may have to be adapted to prevent them wobbling. Magnetic FreeBOT balls make giant leap for robotics. Millennium Bridge wobble explained. Why did the London Millennium Bridge 'wobble'? Yes, it used to wobble; but do you know why? Also in Fujino’s example, the very large movement of the suspension cables (300 mm amplitude) may have made these act as dynamic vibration absorbers and so limit the extent and consequences of synchronisation. Safety codes can lead to over-built bridges, higher building costs. The people on the bridge that day seemed to widen their stride, unconsciously increasing the side-to-side forces that in turn increased the swaying. If the bridge is 'in tune' with the frequency of the wind it will wobble violently and eventually collapse. A new study finally explains the Millennium Bridge 'wobble' by looking at how humans stay balanced while walking. Why did the London Millennium Bridge 'wobble'? University of Bristol. Share. An explanation of resonant frequency and how it relates to the millennium bridge. Thousands of pedestrians streamed over it. Press release issued: 17 December 2008. 15 hours ago. New 'robotic snake' device grips, picks … The Clown Fish. On its opening day, the London Millennium Bridge experienced unexpected swaying due to the large number of people crossing it.